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Boroolo a shiny product containing sugar, glucose syrup, stabilizer and permissible additives which are used in the confectionery industry and creats a glossy and pretty surface on cakes and sweets. This products have a high stability and transparency even at negative temperatures and can be easily used on all types of cakes. Boroolo helps to retain moisture, clarity, freshness and shelf-life of bakery products. 


Advantages of the product:

Diversity of flavour and colour

Preserving of freshnesh and shelf-life in pastry products

Simple application and storage conditions

Preseving of its appearance moisture, shininess and freshness


Application of Product:

Creating a shiny and beautiful surface on the cake and pastry, keeping moisture, transparency,  freshness and stability of the confectionary products. 



Tropical purple, blue blueberries, cocoa, white pearl, raspberry, cherry, pineapple, strawberry, green apple, caramel, mango, peach, simple

Weight: 6 kg. 



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