For Rashidabad food industries, the manufacturer of products with the Hiva brand name, all concepts end in one goal (Manufacturing products with best quality). 

All employees of this large collection are trying to manage to create an unparalleled experience for their customers by pursuing this goal. Utilizing the best raw materials, technology, entrepreneurial ideas and endless effort, the expert engineers at the research and development section of this company are trying to present their art by creating the best mixture of possible tastes. Since the priority of Hiva Company, while paying great attention to human resources, is to provide the best technology in the world and the best possible raw materials in this industry, its manufactured product has an excellent taste and a very exquisite and interesting exterior design. The variety and quality of Hiva products in taste and flavor has made the product extremely popular among consumers. This remarkable difference in taste and composition is owed to the use of very high quality and excellent raw material, which has made Hiva to be able to find a significant recognition abroad, in addition to satisfying domestic market customers. Hiva, with its exports to more than 17 countries including UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, South Africa, Iraq, Russia, Australia, Canada, Austria, Turkmenistan, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan and many other countries, in addition to proving its ability and skill, has been able to play a significant role in developing the country's economy.

The factory of the Rashidabad (Hiva) food manufacturing company, with a land area of 13,000 square meters and Fully up-to-date and advanced machinery and equipment, is able to produce various jelly products (sugary, coconut, and prepared), Sohan Asali (honey sohan), Baslogh (Turkish delight), Tesazh (brittle candies), roasted chickpeas, mirror/glossy jelly glaze coat for cake decoration (a.k.a Brillo or Thixotropic cold glaze), and other products. Over 30 years of experience in production has made Hiva manage to play a role in Iranian homes as a companion of happy and sweet moments, and to be everyone’s favorite candy.

One of the missions of Rashidabad food industry is to utilize the best raw materials in its products with Hiva brand name, which in addition to improving the taste of the consumer, it presents a worthy and deserving product with the highest quality. The satisfaction of customers and consumers with Hiva products is our biggest incentive and motive to continue this artistry.


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